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The Glasshouses in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris - Re-openning to the public in June 2010

"As soon as I entered the glasshouses in the Jardin des Plantes and saw the strange plants from exotic countries, I felt as if I had walked into a dream" Le Douanier Rousseau. The Glasshouses in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris which have been under restoration for over six years, will re-open to the public in June 2010. An Art Deco gem, The Tropical Rainforest Glasshouse, formerly known as the Winter Gardens, was built in 1936 by the architect Rene Berger and is to be found in all its splendour at the far North West of the Jardin des Plantes. Behind it the twin sisters, The New Caledonia and the Plant History Glasshouses, previously known as the Mexican Hothouse and the Australian Glasshouse, are the oldest Glasshouses in the world of such large proportions. Built in 1834 by Charles Rohault de Fleury, pioneer in the use of metal in architecture, even earlier than Gustave Eiffel, they are true prototypes for the design of modern glasshouses. A historic centre of research into biodiversity, the glasshouses were also the inspiration for the famous "Jungles" paintings of Le Douanier Rousseau.