Siracusa, Sicilia, Sept 09


Lungomare seen from Forte Vigliena in a early morning light. Castello Maniace in the distance.

Siracusa was founded by Greek colonies in 734 B.C. In 485 B.C. Gerone, the first tyrant of Siracusa came to power. The Siracusa people rebelled & drove out Gerone and set up a democracy (466 B.C.). After fighting & beating the Athens fleet (413 B.C.)Siracusa had to defend itself against Carthage by placing the city under the protection of the tyrant Dionysius. Siracusa succeed in fortifying the city. Under the reign of Ierone II (269-215 B.C.) Siracusa was conquered by the Roman Empire and fell under Roman rule in 212 B.C. Thereafter the city begins to decline.