Essaouira, Morocco, May 2009

Fishing boat

A wooden fishing boat at sea in the half light of early morning in spring

Walking by the sea

Water laps the steps of the quayside which are dotted with seagulls

Beach scene

Seagulls rest on the sand where waves are breaking in the hazy spring light

Man sitting amongst boats

A man catches a few rays of spring sunshine, sitting in his cap by the harbour side

Gatheing shellfish,

A family on the beach at low tide. A Portuguese tower on the Ramparts around the port is reflected in the shallow sea

Evening by the sea

Mogador Island is silhouetted against the sky as dusk falls over the sea

Seagull in flight

A bird sweeps over the Ramparts in the glowing sunshine. The old town is visible in the background.

Boats in the harbour

A man standing on the moored wooden boats gazes towards the sunlit ramparts of the town as a bird flies overhead.

Rooftop communities

People and birds enjoy sun and companionship high above the town lit by a pink glow

Boats at sunset

View from the port of boats lit by the last rays of the sinking sun as it sets amongst clouds over the sea. In the background are the Portuguese Tower and Ramparts.

Carpet shop

Man in traditional robe and hat walking down a street in the old town which runs alongside the ramparts. It is hung with carpets

Old Essaouira

View from the Skala. Crumbling walls have turned from white to brown. With blue painted windows the old walls by the ramparts soak up the spring sun, its low rays casting a heavy shadow across the scene.

Boats at their mooring

Traditional blue painted wooden boats jostle together in the harbour

Beach umbrellas at night

Black circles of shadow are thrown onto white sand by the bright lighting on the deserted shore.

Archway to the harbour

Men in traditional hooded Djellabas walk through the arch of the Porte de la Marine, built in 1771, towards the boats

Essaouira, on the windswept Atlantic coast of Morocco, was re-built in the 18th century by French architect Theodore Cornut to the orders of Sultan Ben Abdullah. Surrounded by ramparts it is a charming small town now becoming more popular with tourists. To the West of the town is the Port Skala, a fortified area with wonderful views of the sea and the Island of Mogador.